API - Gigapay

Gigapay API. Simple yet powerful.

What if you could automagically payout Giggers each time a task is completed on your Gig and Marketplace? Without any manual work on your side? You can now, with Gigapay’s API.

import requests
response = requests.post(
data = {
    'amount': 1000,
    'description': 'Event',
    'employee': {
      'cellphone_number': '+46701234544',
      'name': 'Albin'

Simply connect the API to completed events and easily tie it to your pricing or product model.

Our API can be integrated in 5 minutes flat by the savviest of developers, or around 1.5 hours on average. This means you can be up and running, without that complicated talk about getting it into the backlog at some distant point in the future.

Key benefits


Done in a dash.

Our Browsable API allows you to test to your hearts delight, before taking it to production.


Clear documentation.

Easy to follow, well documented API, meaning there’s less room for interpretation.


Hands-on technical support.

Our technical team has lead multiple integrations and are always up for the challenge.

As we’re moving toward a world of instant gratification, why not ensure your short-term Gigger receives the payment instantly? This will help you from a branding perspective, and ensure a longer-term commitment from more harder to come by talent.