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Meet Our Newest Finance And Office Coordinator - Dorothea Lindhe

Meet Our Newest Finance And Office Coordinator – Dorothea Linde

Meet Dorothea Linde, our newest talent in charge of finance and operations here at Gigapay. The fact is, there’s a lot that makes Dorothea spark, such as her fascination with horses and languages. It’s our culture to get to know our talents. So we engaged Dorothea with our favorite questions, and she was excited toRead More...

Meet Leonard Broström

Meet Leonard Broström, Our Sporty Sales Executive

Not every day do you meet a sales executive who has tried more than 15 sports and played at a semi-professional level in Sweden’s third-best league. Meet Leonard Broström, an incredible sales executive who recently joined us here at Gigapay. The fact is, If you own a business, you probably know how important someone likeRead More...

Meet Thea Hansson

Meet Thea Hansson, Our New Sales Executive

Here at Gigapay, we love our talents and are excited when someone joins. Meet Thea Hansson, our newest sales executive who came onboard two weeks ago, and so far, it’s been smooth sailing. It’s our culture to get to know our talents a bit better, so we engaged Thea Hansson with our favorite questions.  HaveRead More...

Meet Anneli Alchahin

Meet Anneli Alchahin, Our Newest Legal Trainee

You need to meet our newest talent, Anneli Alchahin, a legal trainee with a fascinating law background. As a student of law, she worked in different types of legal counseling and even had the opportunity to do an exchange in Rome, where she did her special courses. If you run a business in Sweden, you’llRead More...

Henry Ibeleme

Meet Henry Ibeleme, Our Awesome Wordsmith

In the words of Thomas Devito, the founder of Tom&Co, Henry Ibeleme is a great resource, a communicator, and a top-notch copywriter. The thing is, It’s not every day you meet someone who is fascinated by written words and their impact on the human psyche. For the past few months, Henry has been in chargeRead More...

Meet Vesna Skrchevska

Meet Vesna Skrchevska, Our Sales Superhero

About a few weeks ago, we had a great talent join us here at Gigapay. She’s a superhero when it comes to sales, and she isn’t shy to claim it as a hobby. Like it’s our culture, we wanted to know her better. To know what makes her spark! She’s no other than Vesna Skrchevska.Read More...

Astrid Vikingsdotter Johansson

Meet Astrid Vikingsdotter Johansson, Our Junior Sales Executive, and Hunter

The role of a junior sales executive is simple: to source for leads and manage outbound calls, including helping your prospects understand how your services work. However, they are an intricate part of your business if you must keep generating leads. Not too long ago, we had one join our team, Astrid Vikingsdotter Johansson. ARead More...

Joakim Skoog - Backend Developer

Meet Joakim Skoog – A Sailor, Skier, And Backend Developer

Not all developers are created equal. Some come with extra perks that could blow you away. Joakim Skoog is a perfect example, a backend developer who’s also a sailor in summer and a skier during winter. And when the weather is perfect, he kitesurfs with no care in the world.  Who said developers are boring?Read More...

Giang Ngo

Meet Giang Ngo, An Incredible Front-end Developer

The job of a front-end developer is to create a functional, clean and attractive website that appeals to your target audience. That is done by combining design, technology, and programming; and taking care of debugging. With the help of a front-end developer, you optimize your users’ experience, resulting in a friendly and welcoming web experience.Read More...

Shirley Wang

6 things and more with new frontend developer, Shirley Wang

part from writing code, I also enjoy vector art, graphic design, 3D modelling and texturing, animation aka Anime and digital drawing. In my spare time, I also bake quite often because I do have a sweet tooth. To sum up, I am a nerd / otaku / hikikomori wanna-be type of person.