Celebrating 10,000 payouts 🚀🚀 - Gigapay

Celebrating 10,000 payouts 🚀🚀

Yes, it’s just past 10.30am in the morning and we’re drinking champagne. Why? Well! We’ve just celebrated passing 10k payouts. That’s 10,000 payouts to all types of short-term workers; influencers, cleaners, celebrities, graphic designers, models, couriers, musicians, and much more!…. These are people who’ve been paid lightening fast with all the compliance baked in. Yay! 😎💕

A big thank you to our customers for trusting and growing with us, as we continue to grow to more markets and add onto our product. We’re just getting started, so watch this space.

If you want to join us, we’re looking for a frontend dev, backend dev, Finance and Admin manager… and soon a marketing person. Please reach out if you’re interested (no recruiters please).❤️

Now with that glass of champagne, it’s back to work! 🥂