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How Gigapay Enables Instant Payouts In The Affiliate Network Industry

Dive into the affiliate marketing deep waters with us, and discover how Gigapay adapts to Adrecord’s business model enabling instant salary payouts to their affiliates.

Gigapay was born out of the idea of making compliant salary payouts in the gig economy, including taxes, insurances and social fees. However, every aspect of this sector has made the concept of “gigger” evolve and outgrow its initial definition, so nowadays the concept of “gigger” is not always straightforward.

A quick google search for the definition of “giggers” suggests giggers are “independent contractors, online platform workers, contract firm workers, on-call workers and temporary workers.”

Linus Wickberg from Ad Record with David Hansson and Gustav Malmqvist from Gigapay
Linus Wickberg from Adrecord with David Hansson and Gustav Malmqvist from Gigapay.

At Gigapay we want to reduce the administrative hassle of anyone paying out or receiving compensation for a job done, regardless of what they do.
This includes new types of job such as influencers, affiliates, riders and other forms of temporary freelancers in the gig economy.

Due to this, and after enabling hundreds of compliant gig salary payouts for delivery companies, it was only natural for Gigapay to enable salary payouts in the affiliate industry, so when we had the opportunity to build something for Adrecord, we put all our efforts into it and the result was brilliant:

When the commercial relationship started, we designed the payout workflow in order to adapt to Adrecord’s requirements.

“The partnership with Gigapay strengthens our offer to our affiliates and
makes it possible for us to pay out our affiliates commission even faster than before. With just a click on a button the affiliate can have their earned commission in their bank account within minutes, and the taxes etc. are taken care of by Gigapay”
, says Linus Wickberg, Adrecord’s COO.

One of our main challenges was to make sure our client Adrecord was satisfied, having the fastests payouts in the market, and at a very competitive fee. “They make us stand out with the possibility to offer extremely fast payments, any time the affiliate wants, with low fees. The fact that we use Gigapay’s instant payouts, has become one of our main competitive advantages” says Linus.

“We are proud to have Adrecord onboard as a client not only because we believe in their business, but also because they have given us the opportunity to demonstrate that we are capable to serve clients in the affiliate and influencer marketing industry” says Andrea Neira, CCO at Gigapay.

If you work in the affiliate marketing sector or in the influencer industry, imagine how easy your life would be as a CFO if you could pay your affiliates in the blink of an eye, setting yourself apart from your competitors.

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