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Look why Adrecord Chooses Gigapay

Take A Look At Why Adrecord Chooses Gigapay

Adrecord was founded in late 2009, but it was only at the beginning of October 2010 that the affiliate network was launched in Sweden. Through its refined product, it works with both influencers and affiliates on the same platform. Like many of our customers, they needed an easier and faster way to pay their talentsRead More...

Gigapay Launches Self-Billing

Hurray! Gigapay Launches Self-Billing

If you wonder what the most efficient way of paying your influencers is, you will probably have come across the following questions:  How do I pay influencers with a company? How do I pay influencers without a company? How do I make it easier for influencers with a company to invoice me quicker and withoutRead More...