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About Our Swish & Bank Transfer Payouts

About Our Swish & Bank Transfer Payouts

For a long time, paying influencers who didn’t have a company was practically impossible. This meant that, if a brand or platform wanted to work with a particular influencer, one of the requirements for the creator to get paid, was to have a company, leaving micro influencers out of the equation and allowing them toRead More...


Everything You Need To Know About Our API

Before our API, there was a problem in the marketplace. Businesses and digital marketers needed a more effortless and seamless way to instantly pay their influencers and creators, with taxes and social benefits declared. As they grew in size, another problem surfaced. How will they manually pay hundreds of thousands of influencers, creators, and affiliatesRead More...

Gigapay Launches Self-Billing

Hurray! Gigapay Launches Self-Billing

If you wonder what the most efficient way of paying your influencers is, you will probably have come across the following questions:  How do I pay influencers with a company? How do I pay influencers without a company? How do I make it easier for influencers with a company to invoice me quicker and withoutRead More...