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Astrid Vikingsdotter Johansson

Meet Astrid Vikingsdotter Johansson, Our Junior Sales Executive, and Hunter

The role of a junior sales executive is simple: to source for leads and manage outbound calls, including helping your prospects understand how your services work. However, they are an intricate part of your business if you must keep generating leads. Not too long ago, we had one join our team, Astrid Vikingsdotter Johansson. ARead More...

Joakim Skoog - Backend Developer

Meet Joakim Skoog – A Sailor, Skier, And Backend Developer

Not all developers are created equal. Some come with extra perks that could blow you away. Joakim Skoog is a perfect example, a backend developer who’s also a sailor in summer and a skier during winter. And when the weather is perfect, he kitesurfs with no care in the world.  Who said developers are boring?Read More...

Giang Ngo

Meet Giang Ngo, An Incredible Front-end Developer

The job of a front-end developer is to create a functional, clean and attractive website that appeals to your target audience. That is done by combining design, technology, and programming; and taking care of debugging. With the help of a front-end developer, you optimize your users’ experience, resulting in a friendly and welcoming web experience.Read More...