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Tough times require collaborations

This tough period of COVID-19 has affected us all. This includes large parts of the service industry, such as the Restaurant, Event, Aviation industry and many more. Many workers in these industries are left without work, while we see an increased need for workers in other industries. In recent times, there has been a lot of information in the media about how industries have crossed borders and started to cooperate. Flight attendants are being re-trained to healthcare professionals and hotel and restaurant staff are now employed by other companies with an additional demand. Regardless of this critical situation, it is impressive how collaborative and solutions-focused everyone has become.

In our own way, we’ve tried to help our partners and customers as well. We’ve helped enable almost 100 individuals to gain a new type of employment by collaborating with different companies, across different industries. Companies with high demand and in need of extra staff have been able to hire and pay workers through Gigapay in a simple and frictionless manner. We have helped act as a catalyst for these companies so that they quickly and easily managed to meet the high demand. Although we know there is so much more that needs to be done and we’re truly humbled by all of the amazing individuals around us, we would like to continue to help individuals and companies, where we can. 

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