Client Dashboard - Gigapay

Take back control.

Struggling to keep on top of invoices sent for short-term assignments? Receiving payout requests from multiple sources and don’t remember the terms which you agreed on? You’re not alone. Thankfully we’ve developed our Dashboard specifically for this.

Gigapay Client Dashboard

We’ve made it simple to stay on top of your short-term gig worker payouts, with our dashboard. The dashboard allows you to enjoy many of the features of our API without having to do an actual integration. The Client Dashboard is great to get up and running with Gigapay without having to actually make an API integration. Using the Client Dashboard interface is perfect if you have a smaller number of payouts or are just starting out.

Key benefits


Control payouts

Send, manage and review short-term gig payouts in one place.


See payout status

Know what has been paid, what is yet to be paid, and what has not been claimed by your short-term workforce.


Manage invoices

Download invoices for book-keeping and be better able to plan your expenditure.

Stay on top of what needs to be done.