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Pay influencers in a click– we take care of the rest.

Delight your creators with first-class payouts

Manually managing hundreds or thousands of monthly creator payouts steals countless hours every week. Save time and forget about spreadsheets with one platform to pay them all — with taxes, pensions, and insurances included.

Pay your brand influencers without the boring administration

Gigapay removes the need for invoicing companies. Say goodbye to spending time fixing wrong and problematic influencer invoices

Ready to go from chaos to calm? See what GigaPay can do for you.

Don’t worry about compliance– Relax!

Save hours weekly with GigaPay handling your complex tax calculations, compliance, and administration for every creator payment you make.

Discover a compliant payout platform that unifies all creator payouts

“No more invoices. Only phone numbers. Being able to pay our icons with Gigapay x Swish, is a game changer for us. We know Gigapay will take care of the payouts and compliance is great!.”
Viktor Redéen
Co-Founder Society Icon
“the API docs are brilliant and now we pay instantly without even thinking about it– I love how fast it is.”
Tobias Bengtsdahl
Co-Founder & CEO