Gigapay FAQ - Gigapay

FAQ – Freelancer or Gigger

What is Gigapay?

Gigapay is a tool for freelancers, giggers and companies to quickly and easily pay and get paid in the gig economy without adding on a lot of administrative work. Gigapay takes care of everything from declaring and paying income tax, employer fees and insurances. This makes life easier for both you and your client – so that you can focus on what is important – growing your business.

Why use Gigapay?

Getting paid by a company is usually not a simple process. In order to invoice a company you either need to have your own tax-registered company, be an employee by the company you work for or to go through an intermediary, such as Gigapay. By using Gigapay you can reduce the time you would have to spend setting up a company, managing accounting, and declaring and paying preliminary taxes. 

What does it cost to use Gigapay?

By using Gigapay, you don’t pay a fixed fee or subscribe to a monthly cost, instead you will be charged a rate based on the invoiced amount. As a freelancer it costs you 5% of the invoiced amount (excluding VAT), which will be subtracted once the invoice has been paid. In some cases the company that you work with may have a lower rate than the standard rate, when you invoice those companies you will receive the lower rate. Any fee that you pay will be clearly stated when you invoice or receive a salary payout.

When will I get paid?

Gigapay will notify you via email or text message as soon as your payment is available to you. In the message you will receive instructions on how to withdraw the money. As soon as you have accepted the payout Gigapay will transfer money to your bank account. 

Typically, you will be able to see the money in your bank account within a few minutes after having accepted, if you have any of the major banks: Nordea, Swedbank, SEB, Handelsbanken and Danske Bank. From time to time be outages or regular maintenance in the banking services causing delays before you can see money in your account. If you have other banks than the ones specified above, you will typically receive the money on your bank account the following bank day after the payout has been accepted.

Why have I received a text message or email from you?

If you have received a text message or email from us, that means that you either have been added to a company’s team to receive a salary or that you have a payout to claim. There are instructions in the text message on what to do.

If you have received a text message without having anything to do with the company, please contact Gigapay at or using the chat in the lower right corner.

Why can’t register my bank account?

There could be different reasons behind this we have listed a couple below:
– You have filled in the wrong bank account number. Please double check that you have filled in the correct number.
– You have not clicked “Use” before you proceed to accept the payout.

If neither of these work, please contact Gigapay support at or by clicking the support chat in the bottom right corner of this webpage.

Why haven’t I received my payout yet?  

There could be a number of reasons why you haven’t received your money yet. First make sure that you have entered your bank account details in your Gigapay account and that you have clicked “Accept” on the payout. If you have done this and still not received your money please look at the potential reasons listed below:

– Your client haven’t paid the invoice
– Your bank doesn’t support instant payouts*  
– Banking services are having down time
– You may have entered another bank account number (log in to your Gigapay and double check your bank account number under “Settings”) 

If you haven’t received your money within 24 hours after having accepted a payout in your Gigapay account, you can contact us by the support chat at the bottom right corner of your screen or by sending an email to

*In Sweden we currently support instant payouts to bank accounts in: Nordea, Swedbank, SEB, Handelsbanken and Danske Bank.

Do you have any subscription time?

By using Gigapay you are not committing or subscribing to fixed costs, nor are you committing to use Gigapay to invoice a certain amount. You are free to invoice as often as you want.

Can I use Gigapay even if I don’t have a company?

Yes, you can use Gigapay to send invoices to companies, even if you don’t have a company yourself. However, if you’d like to use Gigapay to pay other people you must have your own company.

Is it better for me to start my own company instead?

It depends on your preferences and your business. Gigapay is good for sending invoices and receiving compensation quick and easy when offering a service. By using Gigapay you reduce a lot of the administrative work around for instance setting up a company, managing accounting, withholding and paying taxes. Under certain circumstances it is better to have your own company, for instance if you are selling goods, you have a lot of expenses, or if you want to expand your business and hire your own employees.

Who pays my taxes?

When you use Gigapay as an individual Gigapay will declare and pay preliminary taxes. Formally Gigapay assume the role as your employer for the duration of your gig, and handle statutory administration and fees.

How much tax do I pay?

In Sweden, you pay about 50% of the invoiced amount in taxes, excluding VAT. The taxes consist of both income tax (typically around 30% of the gross salary) and employer contributions (31.42% on top of the gross salary). Note that Gigapay can only change the rate of your income tax if you supply Gigapay with proof of your tax table or by sending in proof of a decision made by the Swedish Tax Authorities. 

What insurances are I covered by?

When you work through Gigapay you are covered by an accident insurance and a liability insurance. Please make sure to pre-register your work in order to be fully covered by Gigapay’s insurances. Note that our insurances don’t cover all fields of work, to see if you are covered by our insurances, please see the Terms and Conditions.

What should I do if I have had an accident or incident at work? 

In the event that the accident or incident involves direct risk of death or serious physical harm please contact Emergency Service at 112. If you have been involved in an accident or injured yourself at while working through Gigapay, you should as soon as possible contact Gigapay at +46 8 120 270 80. After that has been done, please fill out the details the Accidents and Incidents form. It is important that you give us an overview about what incident or accident that you have experienced and and how it could have been prevented.

What can I do to minimize the risks at my work place?

When you work through Gigapay, you are obliged to follow the instructions and the directives given by your client and by Gigapay. This includes using any prescribed safety equipment or devices required for the task. You also have to take any necessary precautions required to prevent accidents and health issues.

You should also be observant and point out any risks or shortcomings in the work environment to your closest boss, leader or client. If the task poses an immediate or severe risk for your life and health, you must without delay notify your boss, leader or client, not that you have the right to not carry out the task until the risks have been mitigated or redeemed. In the event that your concerns are neglected by your boss, leader or client, you can always contact Gigapay.