Gigger Management - Gigapay

Manage your short-term workforce with a click of a button.

Knowing how much you’ve spent, to who and when, for short-term gig assignments, no longer needs to be the work of multiple excel spreadsheets.

“The Gigger Dashboard helped me cut my Gigger payroll admin by half” – Happy Client.

We’ve spent countless hours with Marketplace and Gig platform owners and operators and got down to the real nitty gritty of what they actually need. There was a resounding “Yes!” when we described the potential components of a Gigger Dashboard.

Key benefits


Overview of all short-term Gig workers

See every short-term worker who has ever engaged with your business. Quickly see the total amounts paid-out.


View how many assignments completed per worker

There will no longer be the need to go through multiple spreadsheets, trying to figure out who do what, when. Each worker has their own “page” so you’ll see the status of each job done.


Quickly access old invoices and payout in one view

No more toggling through multiple systems. Gigger’s information is stored for easy pay-outs; and each paid invoice is easily accessed from the individual Gigger page. Presto! That simple.

Get a better understanding of your business with our Gigger Management.