Gigger Verification - Gigapay

Reduce fraud and future proof your business.

You’re managing multiple short-term workers. Maybe hundreds. Or thousands. You have a good KYC process but still want to make sure that you’re paying the right person. How? With Gigapay of course.

Verify your short-term workforce.

The last thing you want is your marketplace or gig platform used for fraudulent business. That’s why Gigapay acts as an additional security measure, on top of your existing KYC, to ensure that the right person who you on-boarded, is in fact the one who is getting paid. We do this either through BankID verification, or through a semi-automatic process of checking their documentation.

Do you engage foreign short-term gig workers? Great! We love that you are opening up the job market to everyone. We can verify their documents to ensure that they have the right valid documents, so you don’t fall into some sticky legal process in the future.

Key benefits


Reduce payment disputes

Have short-term workers claiming they haven’t been paid? By verifying their ID and knowing their bank account we can tell you exactly where the payment was deposited.


Safely engage younger workers

We think it’s great that the younger generation want to get their first jobs! That’s why we’re able to verify gig workers from the age of 13; by verifying both the worker and their guardian.


Standardised verification

Our first preference is to use an online verification, in this case BankID. If your end-user doesn’t have this enabled then we resort to a semi-automated verification process, to give you greater peace of mind.