Instant Payouts - Gigapay

Give immediate gratification.

What can be more magical than instantly receiving a payment for work completed, knowing that all taxes have been paid, with pension and sick-pay automatically covered?

Instant Payouts

All things being equal, 78% of Gig workers would change platforms if they could receive instant pay-outs.”

Short-term workers often work on-demand. Just as easy as it is to use your platform, they want to get paid right away. For them it isn’t just about getting the money though. They want to be out there earning, not learning how tax rules and regulations work. That’s where we come in to facilitate both. 

Key benefits


Increased retention.

Everyone loves fast cash. Increase stickability by sending instant payouts for each job done.


Fully compliant.

All employee taxes and insurances are instantly baked-in with each payout.


Minimum hassle.

Either manage your completed payouts in the dashboard or receive them to your inbox.

As we’re moving toward a world of instant gratification, why not ensure your short-term Gigger receives their payment instantly? This will help you from a branding perspective, and ensure a longer-term commitment from more harder to come by talent. 

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