Price - Gigapay
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Simple and transparent pricing.

We charge 5% of the total amount of the invoice. A small price to pay for a safe service with plenty of possibilities.

No starting fee,
no binding time.

We think it should be as easy to get paid, no matter the size of your company, or the invoice value. That’s why we offer two options: Pay as You Go and Enterprise.


5% of the invoice amount

What’s included:

  • Full insurance coverage
  • Dashboard
  • PAYE tax compliance and payroll management


This solution is perfect for those who want a fully customisable solution. The higher the invoiced amount, the higher the discount.

What’s included:

  • API
  • Volume discount
  • Personal support

Calculate Payroll Costs

Easily calculate what your costs will be when you pay out for work completed. Our calculator includes all taxes and fees which we pay to the Tax authorities, and our base fee of 5%. 

  • Net salary 0 SEK
  • Tax (30%) 0 SEK
  • Social fees (31.5%) 0 SEK
  • Gigapay fee (5%) 0 SEK
  • Total amount (Excl VAT) 0 SEK
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