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Gain complete peace of mind.

Figuring out tax rules, insurances and pensions for your short-term workers can be hard. And honestly, you probably don’t have time for it. Especially if you’re scaling your business. Don’t fret! That’s why we’re here.

“There’s only two sure things in life: death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin.

We think that the above quote is pretty apt to explain how life really is. While we definitely can’t help with the first point (thankfully!), we sure can help you sort out taxes. We’ll help you figure out the minefield of employee taxes for short-term workers and make sure that pension, and employee benefits are covered.

Key benefits


Correct employee tax rates

You want to make sure that your short-term workers aren’t paying too much, or too little. We apply a flat 30% tax rate – which works 99% of the time, however can easily adjust to your requirements.


Insurance cover

We work together with Söderberg and Partners to provide the right insurance cover for your short-term gig workers. That’s pretty neat.


Social benefit contributions

Short-term workers paid through Gigapay get all the same rights to state-covered pension, sick-pay and parental leave, just like any other tax-paying worker in the system. Marvellous!

Taxes, Insurances and Pension, all in One.