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Send Instant Payouts for a Job Well Done.

Hire anywhere, anyhow, without the hassle of managing taxes and other fees.

Use our simple dashboard, or leverage our API to fully automate your payroll and send payments instantly.

Focus on growing your business. We’ll take care of the rest.

Our platform allows you to simply add the payout amount and we’ll do the heavy lifting; making sure all taxes, insurances and social contributions are made. And even better, your staff doesn’t need their own company to be paid.

Employment related fees and taxes

We step in as an intermediary and act as an employer. We take the responsibility that comes with it, such as employer declaration at the individual level, and the payment of taxes. Stay on top of it all with our user dashboard.

Fully automate your Payroll

Our API offers the potential to take advantage of automating otherwise tedious, manual processes. This is a powerful way to scaling your business and is easy to integrate. Otherwise get started today with our user friendly dashboard.

Quick payouts

With us, payouts are fast and easy. It only takes 5 minutes from the time you start making a payout until the money is in the recipient’s bank account.

Hassle free.
Just hire and pay.

Recruiting and hiring is often a complicated and time-consuming process. With Gigapay you don’t have to think about social security fees, control duties, PAYE tax, employer declarations and contract signing. Instead, you can focus on hiring the extra help you need right now, to help you achieve your business objectives.

Safe and insured

We take care of handling everything from VAT to social fees. Staff paid through us always recieve complete accident and liability insurance, so both you and them can feel safe and secure.

In collaboration with
Söderberg & partner

Gigapay Dashboard

Take control through your company dashboard

Get a clear overview of the flow of money; see how much was sent, when, and to whom. Manage people and payments easily. Whether it is recurring payments or individual invoices; we make it easy to handle.

Want to integrate us into your system?

Our automated payroll solution is easy to integrate. With the help of our API you can offer simple payouts in your platform or cloud service. Minimize manual handling, avoid human error and leverage instant payouts.

import requests

response = requests.post(
data = {
    'amount': 1000,
    'description': 'Event',
    'cellphone_number': '+46701234544',
    'personal_number': 199407281234

Ready to get started?
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