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  • Built for scaling Gig and Marketplace businesses
  • Pricing from 3.9%
  • Instant salary payouts with all taxes, insurances and pensions covered.

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Short-term Salary Payout Management for Scaling Gig and Marketplace Platforms



Manage all of your short-term Gig workers, assignments, and payouts, directly through our dashboard.



Just as perfect for managing 10+ short-term Gig workers, to managing thousands.



All taxes, insurances and pensions are covered each time a Gig payout is made. Automagically.

Developer-first technology

Our automated payroll solution is easy to integrate. With the help of our API you can offer simple payouts in your platform or cloud service. Minimise manual handling, avoid human error and leverage instant payouts.

  • import requests
    response = requests.post(
    data = {
        'amount': 1000,
        'description': 'Event',
        'employee': {
          'cellphone_number': '+46701234544',
          'name': 'Thomas'
  • require './vendor/autoload.php';
    use GuzzleHttp\Client;
    $client = new Client(['base_uri' => 'https://api.demo.gigapay.se/v2']);
    $response = $client->request('POST', 'https://api.demo.gigapay.se/v2/payouts/?expand=employee', [
    	'headers' => [
    		'Authorization' => '',
    		'Integration_ID' => ''
        'json' => [
          'amount' => '100.00',
          'description' => 'Example gig',
          'employee' => [
            'cellphone_number' => '+46700000000',
            'name' => 'Albin'
    echo $response->getBody()
  • const request = require('request');
        url: 'https://api.demo.gigapay.se/v2/payouts/?expand=employee',
        json: {
          amount: '100.00',
          description: 'Example gig',
          employee: {
            cellphone_number: '+46700000000',
            name: 'Ludwig'
        headers: {
          Authorization: '',
          Integration_ID: ''
      (error, res, body) => {
  • require 'httparty'
    response = HTTParty.post(
        headers: {
            Authorization: '',
            Integration_ID: ''
        json: {
            amount: '100.00',
            description: 'Gig salary',
            employee: {
              cellphone_number: '+46700000000',
              name: 'Gustav'
    print JSON.parse response.body
  • Python
  • NodeJS
  • PHP
  • Ruby

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Take control of all your short-term Giggers directly in your dashboard. Within moments see which payouts have been made, which are still waiting to be claimed, and how many assignments have been completed. Easily send new payouts to existing Giggers within seconds. Seriously, it is that simple. Read more

& verification

That’s where we come in. We’ve built our solution for businesses just like yours. We’ve built a solution so it’s easy to manage the payouts for your staff without having to learn all of the employee tax rules, or do the reporting, as we do it for you. Learn more

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