How To Effectively Manage Your Influencers Without Burning Out

How To Effectively Manage Your Influencers Without Burning Out

How To Effectively Manage Your Influencers Without Burning Out

Studies have shown that people trust recommendations from familiar faces over traditional ads. And this is what has made influencers incredibly popular over the years. With the enormous reach and influence that they possess, marketers and businesses can achieve their marketing goals without sweating.

Having the right influencers on board is crucial, and you have to measure their performance and focus on cultivating wholesome relationships that make working with your platform a dream.

Unfortunately, managing influencers is not a walk in the park. This article, however, will guide you on better managing your influencers without burning out.

Work With The Right Influencers

It would be best to work with influencers who have amassed authority in your target industry for impressive marketing results. They don’t necessarily need to have millions of followers to be eligible; instead, focus on engagement and relevance.

Influencers follow a similar route by working only with relevant brands through a strict vetting process. They also want to work with brands relevant to their industry and followers.


A Crowdtap study analyzed what motivates influencers to work with a brand, and they found that 44% of influencers would love to work for brands that offer relevancy to their niche and social followers. 

Instead of barking up the wrong tree, only work with relevant influencers in your target industry.

Treat Them Right

It’s easy to forget that your influencers are people and treat them like robots or a mere line of items in your expense list. This attitude won’t work if you aim to build a meaningful working relationship. Treating your influencers right is super important since they can always go elsewhere. 

Please respect their ideas, and give them the freedom to be creative without constantly looking over their shoulder. A mistake you should never make is micromanaging your influencers to the point where they sound robotic or like traditional ads.

An incredible way to show appreciation to your influencers is to give them a treat. It could be a free product or item with your brand on it. That will not only give your brand exposure when they make a post about it, but they also feel valued and part of your vision. 

Influencers are real people who need constant engagement from you. So always call to check up on them and the campaign’s progress, and in a professional manner where they are comfortable.

Compensate Them Fairly

One of the most critical aspects of influencer management is compensation, and you can’t do without it. Influencer marketing has a mind-blowing ROI, giving you no reason to be a cheapskate.

Ensure that your influencers are worth the amount of influence in terms of engagement and conversion. When a campaign blows up better than expected, there’s no harm in offering a bonus for a job well done.

For instance, platforms like Adtraction, Massfluencer, or Upfluence follow a similar route when managing their influencers. But there’s more to this beautiful relationship: making sure influencers are paid instantly, with taxes and social benefits declared. Since these platforms don’t have an influencer payout solution, brands using these platforms have to use third parties to pay, and here comes the challenge.

The Challenge:

How do you pay over 100 influencers without losing your mind? How do you pay their salary, declare taxes, and social benefits without wasting enormous time better spent developing your marketplace? Imagine waking up one morning with over 100 invoices from your numerous influencers. A nightmare, huh?

Platforms like Memmo, Adrecord, TidyApp, TaskRunner, PayHour, and many others found a way around this hellhole. They eliminated the entire administrative process, saving time, effort, money, and headaches by implementing an automated payout system for their influencers.

By integrating Gigapay’s payout solution, you save yourself from all the administrative hurdles and improve your relationship with your influencers through instant payments. Give this new system a try by booking a demo. We’d be happy to show you how it works.

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