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Gigapay Provides Instant Salary Payouts for Vembla

Stockholm, Sweden, 7th June 2020. 

Vembla and Gigapay have joined forces to provide instant salary payouts for Vembla Runners; a solution which differentiates Vembla from other grocery delivery services and is much appreciated during the Covid-19 crisis. 

The Founders of Gigapay and Vembla taking a social distancing picture for the press release
Picture courtesy of Johan Erik Lallersted

Together, Gigapay and Vembla will make it more convenient for Giggers to get paid instantly, with all taxes and insurances covered, for their completed tasks, through Gigapay.

Sunil Dutt, Founder and CEO at Vembla, said: ”We know the demands of our staff and shoppers will change over time. Instant payouts and transparency in earnings will be deciding factors to reduce Gigger turnover and increase satisfaction among our workers. Gigapay, with its superior technology, offers us the right toolkit to adapt our way of work to these important trends.” 

One of Gigapay’s biggest commitments with its clients is to help improve the relationship between Giggers and the Gig and Marketplace platforms which engage these workers. With Vembla’s goal of becoming the premier choice for giggers, Gigapay was the obvious choice. With their “developer friendly” APIs, fully leveraging their service was easy for a modern app-based company like Vembla.

Gigapay’s API has been described as one of the few “developer friendly” in the industry and it is gaining momentum due to the current trends within the #futureofwork topic.

Raiha Buchanan, CEO of Gigapay concludes, “ Receiving payouts in real-time, for work completed is fast becoming a hygiene factor for Gig and Marketplace businesses, who want to attract the best Gig talent. We’re proud to partner with Vembla who share the same vision for the future of work.”

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