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Gigapay version 2.0 released!

Version 2.0 of Gigapay is live. We’re so excited about this as it includes many features Clients have been asking for. It will also allow us to continue developing additional products and prepare for expansion. 

So, what’s new?

1. Add and Manage you Giggers Directly in Gigapay.

We’ve heard all sorts of incredibly complex ways that companies are managing their Giggers (short-term workers) and their Payouts. Often it includes multiple spreadsheets, and manual checks to see if the payments have gone through. This leaves a lot of room for human error and can be pretty time consuming. So, we’ve worked with our Clients to come up with a solution on how they can take control of all their Giggers, at one place, at one time. 

With the new update, you’ll be able to quickly get a snapshot of all of the Giggers that you can/have/will make a Payout to: 

By clicking on the Gigger’s name, you’ll see all of the Payouts you’ve made, be able to re-download the invoice for bookkeeping. Plus you’ll be able to see the status of all Giggers’ Payouts as well.

Re-access old invoices, previously sent to Giggers

2. Personal numbers no longer required.

Security is important to us. That’s why, when we first introduced our solution, we used the Swedish ID verifier, BankID. Whilst BankID is amazing and is still our first choice for verifying a Gigger, we’ve now introduced onboarding without BankID. This is useful if your Gigger doesn’t have a BankID login – which is often the case for foreign talent. We will also check that they have the right to work in Sweden; by checking their passport, and if non-EU, their work permit. 

How does it work? 

First your Gigger submits the personal email address that they want associated with their Gigapay account.

They are then prompted to verify their email address. 

Next, they need to provide proof of their identity. Their passport or national ID. 

Lastly, if they are non-EU they are required to provide proof of their work permit for Sweden. 

Once this is all submitted, we’ll process their information and will provide account access if they meet the requirements. All of this is done digitally without any long waiting times, nor manual processes required from your side.

3. Optional auto-accept for Gigger Payouts.

Previously, each time a Payout was made, we required Giggers to login to Gigapay to accept it. Now we have added the possibility for our Clients to activate an “auto-accept” function for their Giggers. This feature is perfect for those Clients that integrate with our API and send Instant Payouts as each gig is completed. To note, it still does require that your Gigger accepts the terms and conditions for the first Payout. After that, it’s up to you to define how your Giggers are notified. If you want to activate this feature, speak to your account manager or contact sales.

4. New onboarding for Giggers.

Based on Client feedback we’ve updated the Gigger onboarding. Now it’s even clearer it’s our Clients who has chosen to use Gigapay for Payouts. Why? Well, we believe that the primary relationship with the Gigger belongs to our Client. You took the time to find your talent, onboard them to your platform and manage that relationship. As they’ve already got a great relationship with you, then we want to help you build even more trust with them, through our platform. The new onboarding looks like the below: 

1. The Gigger receives an SMS letting them know they’ve been added to your company.
2. When they click on the link they are prompted to onboard.
3. Once they sign up either via BankID or email, a Gigger account is created, ready to accept Payouts.

5. Developer Extra: Browsable API.

We’ve received a lot of praise for our API, and that’s why we’re excited to make it even more accessible. Before, your development team was required to make a simple integration to test our API. Now, we’ve updated the dev docs so your team is able to visit it in their browsers to get a quick overview and test it out: Just sign up for an account to test it out.

6. Developer Extra: Webhooks.

Your development team can now add webhooks, so that you’re able to subscribe to the Payout statuses which are important to your business. For example, you can get notified when a Gigger has been notified of a Payout, or if they’ve accepted a Payout.

With the new version our Clients will be able to onboard and service their Giggers more efficiently through Gigapay. We’re excited about the update and if you have any questions or feedback feel free to reach out.