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Gigapay Attends The Influencer Marketing Summit

On the 20th of September, Gigapay will meet up with leaders in the creator economy as well as influencers from Sweden in what is considered to be the country’s biggest influencer marketing event of the year. Influencer payouts is still one of the biggest headaches for marketers and influencers, and the Gigapay team would like to bring its instant payout technology to the summit.

700 leaders and creators will join in an unprecedented B2B & B2C event where brands will be able to not only recruit influencers and promote their products but also, and thanks to Gigapay, pay them for their collaborations.

Influencer platforms and networks will also take part in the event, playing a big role in the affiliate industry, and there will be round tables as well as speeches on the big stage from influencers and founders of big retail brands that are often worn by Sweden’s biggest Influencers.

Gigapay of course will have an important role in the main stage where we will be discussing everything related to paying creators in a compliant way, which is our main area of expertise.

Gigapay’s aim attending the event is simple: we want to get closer to creators as well as leaders who need a better and faster way to pay collaborations, and what better place to do this than the Quality Hotel Friends Arena in Stockholm? People will be able to test how easy it is to pay a creator via Gigapay and creators will also be able to test how easy it is to invoice their clients using Gigapay.

We will also launch a new service that will enable any Swedish platform or brand to pay creators internationally, so stay tuned!

We have one of the biggest booths with more than 80 sqm to have fun, drink champagne and mingle with the most influential individuals in Sweden. We will also have special guests joining our podcast, where we will conduct interviews to discuss the hottest topics in the influencer arena, such as how to scale a business through influencer marketing, how to work with influencers in order to achieve a good ROI, why live shopping is becoming so important in the influencer community, and most importantly the latest creator payout trends like for example why influencers are demanding faster and better ways to get paidโ€“is your company ready for that?

Contact us if you’d like to have a glass of champagne with the Gigapay team and if you’d like a discount to attend the event, you can use our code “GIGAPAY_50” when you buy your tickets HERE.

Looking forward to seeing you at the summit!

The Gigapay Team ๐Ÿ™‚