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Gigapod: Episode 4 with Omocom CEO, Ola Lowden

Omocom Gigapod Episode 4
Gigapod Episode 4 with Omocom

In episode 4 of Gigapod we meet with Ola Lowden, the CEO and of Omocom. Omocom have built a new insurance solution designed for the sharing and circular economies.

The idea for Omocom originated when Ola worked as a Legal Advisor for the Swedish National Board of Trade. There he advised the National Board of Trade on how they could better support and grow with the new platforms (Uber, Airbnb, etc). This evolved into looking how ready the Insurance sector was to support the future economy. This is when Ola and his co-founder Emanuel Badehi Kullander, discovered there was a market gap. Until that point, there was no insurance company addressing the needs of the growing sharing and circular economies. Ola and Emanuel therefore decided to take the leap and start Omocom.

To learn more about Omocom’s journey so far, listen to Gigapod Episode #4 here.