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How Let’s Gig is transforming the Gig Economy’s workforce with Students.

We talk to Robert Inde, Let’s Gig’s CEO, about the Gig Economy and their new concept of “pools of giggers”.

1. When was Let’s Gig founded?

Let’s Gig was founded in 2018.

2. Why was it founded?

It all started with an algorithm that matches profiles with ads. Let’s Gig was founded to use that algorithm to connect the right giggers to the right job-ads. Since 2018, multiple components and ideas have been implemented. We are not just a marketplace for job-ads, we are a platform where you can interact, connect, build skills, broaden your network and make money.

3.When did you join Let’s Gig? Why?

I joined Let’s Gig in October 2019 because I loved the idea of creating a platform where I can help thousands of giggers and companies to grow. To be a part of that is really awesome.

I can coach giggers, who can be Swedish students, newly arrived immigrants or unemployed, to make the right decision to build her/his career. I can give start-ups a chance to expand in a very cost-efficient way with no hidden fees. We will profit when our customers do. That’s what I love about Let’s Gig. And also, all the amazing people who work here of course.

4.What had you learnt previously from being an entrepreneur?

Try, fail, reflect, learn and focus on what you think is the right way. And sometimes it’s better to promise a little too much and deliver beyond expectations instead of keeping it simple. 😉

5. Why does the Gig Economy attract you so much?

If we can create the right tools and educate the right mindset for both the giggers and the companies, we can create a much more connected society that is built by helping others to grow. And also, of course, the freedom to control your own time.

6. How do you define a “gigger”?

Someone who wants to create her own schedule and is eager to develop and learn new skills while making money.

7. Can you describe how giggers like to engage with Let’s Gig and why they like it so much?

Honestly, the number 1 reason is to find a job. Which we provide in a very accurate way thanks to our algorithm. The second reason is to use our platform to engage and interact with multiple companies at the same time.

8.You are working on a concept of “pool” what is it? What is so interesting about it?

Our pool concept is our definition of how a gig platform should and could look like.

From a gigger’s perspective, a company will invite you to their work-pool that they have created in the Let’s Gig app. There, you ́ll get added to a specific team and inside that team the company will publish shifts that you can accept and earn money from. You can belong to as many pools as you want and accept shifts/gigs that match your schedule.

So, let’s say you belong to 5 pools. One that offers a lot of shifts (e.g. restaurants), two that are relevant to your education and one that gives you a new skill. With this set up, you will get shifts offered all the time, you can decide when you want to work, you will broaden your network, learn new skills and earn extra money.

From a company perspective, our pool concept allows them to build their own temp staff work force inside an app. Here, you can create different teams and hire someone within minutes. All the giggers inside your pool know your company’s culture. You hire your staff when you need them just by publishing shifts to your teams. The gigger will accept your shift and show up and work the requested hours. All of this is highly automated with a transparent pricing and we cover all the administration.

9. Regarding payout solutions for giggers, which methods do you think are the most interesting ones?

I think that Gigapay offers a ground-breaking solution for fast and hassle-free payouts. By giving companies (Let‘s Gig included) the possibility to offer a secure pay-out in a very scalable way, that allows us to focus on what we know best – building a digital platform and connecting candidates with companies.

One question that I think Gigapay is great at and I find particularly exciting regarding the future of payouts for extra work is this one – Why can I only get paid on the 25th every month?

With Gigapay companies can decide how soon they pay their giggers, modern ones can pay their giggers immediately after the job is done or if they prefer, they can have the set up to pay everybody on the 25th of every month.

10. Anything else you would like to add?

I’m very optimistic about the gig industry and I think it will increase in Europe and Scandinavia due to Covid-19. Two large things have developed very intensively due to this virus, the technological development and many people have lost their jobs. We want to be a part of the solution to kickstart the job market.

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