Influencer Marketing: The Holy Grail To Marketing Your Marketplace

The Influence of Influencers: The Holy Grail of Marketing

The Influence of Influencers: The Holy Grail of Marketing

You were once there; in that crowded hallway, your first day at school. You had worn that shirt your mother vowed was made for either vagabonds or ailing rockstars. But you wore it anyway. You took the risk!

Then, you got a nod from the cool kid as he slowly disappears down the hallway. That was all the validation you needed of your fashion sense. Of course, your mother will never wrap her head around pop culture, but your peers do, they understand you – the astonishing power of influence.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is really a fancy term for an ancient concept. It is the hottest topic at the moment, from the center of marketing to beyond the very reach of our imagination. However, to effectively leverage this holy grail to scale and grow your marketplace, you must master how to wield this tool efficiently.

You know the good part? It cost less, compared to running traditional ads on print media. A report by Dectech examined the role that influencers play in a wider marketing strategy, and the study found that influencer marketing had more reach and cost-effectiveness compared to a print advert. 

The study used an immersive randomized controlled trial approach, BehaviourLab, to explore key questions, while recommending the following for effective marketing strategies that will help you scale your marketplace.

Budget for social media marketing mix

Social media is where the buzz is, and you’ll regret overlooking this holy grail. Think about it, Cristiano Ronaldo has a whopping 338 million Instagram followers, with Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande with 249 and 254 million followers.

Although TV advertising and prints have their place in marketing, it’d be insane to not tap into the power of influencers. Going by the figures, they have the potential to blow up your marketplace.

According to the report by Dectech, there are roughly 4.2bn unique active users on social media, making this marketing strategy the undisputable holy grail as long as marketing is concerned.

When budgeting, influencer marketing should be top of your list of strategies. Ensure you implore midinfluencers over celebrities, and you’ll be astonished at the result.

Instagram. a good entry point!

Instagram happens to be the leading platform for influencers, but you shouldn’t stop there. Over the past few months, TikTok has been dominating cyberspace and has become an incredible marketing tool that you can utilize to grow your business.

The reason for this is glaring, as social media engagement has been pretty high lately. No doubt, it shapes people’s buying behavior. According to Dectech’s report, more than 70% of users in the UK spend more than an hour a day across the three major social platforms.

When seeking influencers on Instagram, you might hit a roadblock as to the ideal influencer for your brand. There are millions of influencers on Instagram, and not all promise you the growth your marketplace needs.

You don’t necessarily need to work with celebrities, as that rarely equals influence if put to a debate. However, going for midinfluencers is ideal, since they are experts in their respective industries, and also liked by their followers. They are the real influencers, not the flamboyant flashy Hollywood star who stirs up cringe controversies every hour.

The perfect influencer

Looking for the perfect influencer is certainly an overreach, but there are ones that offer value for your money. Yes, sweet ROI. For an impressive result in your marketing endeavor, recruit influencers who are trusted and liked by their followers. Your business cannot afford to hire a controversial Queen Bee who cares only about the bag and not the result.

Your influencers are potential brand ambassadors, and should have the expertise needed to engage your ideal market. A common mistake is allowing the numbers to fool you. Dectech, in its report, stated that following likes and comment volume is misleading, as it rarely equals sales.

The report uncovered slight negative effects caused by high-volume comments, proving that more buzz does not equal profit. The study discovered that the ideal target market value exclusivity, and more comments aren’t a good sign.

Be catchy. Be authentic.

Express the humanity in your brand, and you will connect emotionally with your customers for life. You don’t have to be boring or allow the rules or barriers to restrict you. Make a witty post, start with a funny face, or perhaps a slang your target knows and understands. Don’t be afraid to speak their language, cause it shows you understand them, which helps build trust.

When putting a post out there through your influencer, you should follow three main guidelines for a more successful campaign. You know your target market better than anyone and should work with your team to come up with posts that attract and appeal to your audience.

The way you will approach generation Z is certainly different when targeting millennials. Speak their language, bond like a friend, and emit warmth through your posts and branded images. When you can solve their headaches and still give them the time and attention, they become customers for life. Think Netflix, and marvel at how personalized every newsletter is. Your brand has a personality, and you should never hesitate to express it through your content, campaigns, and newsletters.

To ensure you maintain a positive relationship with your influencer, it is also important that you pay instantly. When your influencer gets paid in minutes instead of days, they’d be more excited and willing to work further with your brand.

That is why companies like adrecord, memmo, Woshapp, and numerous others use Gigapay. You can use our payment system to scale your business, and it’s unbelievably easy. With this tool, you pay your influencers instantly, with pensions, taxes, and insurances covered!

Sounds like a good deal, huh? Go ahead and book a meeting to gain access to our demo. We’d be delighted to show you how our system works, and how you can integrate it into your business. Go ahead and book that demo.