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Notolos & Gigapay: The Start Of A Beautiful Relationship

Notolos & Gigapay: The Start Of A Beautiful Relationship

Not too long ago, Gigapay entered a relationship with Notolos, a fast-rising startup that began with two young girls in Sweden who were working with Influencer Marketing. But, like most startups, it started with a problem.

They discovered that using Google Sheets to manage information about their influencers, details of collaboration, numbers, and data from follow-up and evaluation was a pain in the neck. But when they couldn’t find a viable solution, they decided to build one.

In this interview with the founder and CPO of Notolos, Lisa Sonesson, you’ll get to know why, how, and who can benefit from the newfound relationship with Gigapay. 

We hope you enjoy the conversation 🙂

1. Hi Lisa, can you please give us a quick background story on how Notolos started?

My former business partner and I, Jana, came up with the idea of Notolos (back then, it was called Casablnca) in the late fall of 2017. We were working with Influencer Marketing in-house at a company and had reached our limits in handling all data in Excel sheets. 

We started looking for a tool to help us, but none of the ones we found met our requirements. One day we looked at each other and said, “Should we just build our own?”. And so we did. We came in contact with Marcus and Niclas, with whom I run Notolos together today, and it was a perfect match! They joined as shareholders and developers, and in early 2018, we launched our first beta version.

2. What would you say about your team?

It’s truly a dream team! Today it consists of Niclas (CEO), Marcus (CTO), and me (Lisa, CPO), and we really complete each other in the sense that we’re all good at different things, and it has never been a question of which area one should be responsible for. 

I learn new stuff from them every day, and I think they’ve learned a lot about Influencer Marketing from me, something that was pretty new to them before Notolos. I don’t know much about developing, coding, and stuff, but I know that Marcus and Niclas are great within their area, and I couldn’t be happier for our team!   

3. What do you value most in your relationship with your clients?

That it’s very personal and hands-on. As for now, we have a handful of clients; thus, we have the time to really sit down with them and evaluate their needs and wishes. We’re constantly developing Notolos based on our customer’s feedback.

4. So far, what trends do you see in the market, and where do Notolos come in?

Over the past years, I’ve seen a massive trend in companies starting to do Influencer Marketing in-house. They invest in a team, set their strategy, and work to keep the relations and information within the company. And these companies are in need of a tool. 

There are a lot of Influencer Marketing tools and systems on the market, but a lot of them are focused on finding the right Influencers. 

That is, of course, of high importance. But then, you really need a tool to help you handle the Influencer contacts you’ve found, store the information about collaborations you initiate, track and follow up on your Influencer activities and evaluate and analyze your results – and that’s where Notolos come in. 

5. Who are your ideal customers, and why do they care about your product?

Basically, all companies that are doing Influencer Marketing in-house in some way benefit from using Notolos. But our ideal customer is a small/middle big company with an Influencer Marketing team with at least two full-time employees. 

They’re doing over 50 collaborations per month and evaluate their collaborations mainly by ROI (using discount codes) and traffic (using tracking links). 

These companies care about Notolos because they need a tool that not only focuses on handling Influencer contacts and planning collaborations and campaigns but, maybe most importantly, follow-up on and evaluates all their Influencer Marketing activities. All in one place. 

6. What made you want to work with Gigapay?

First of all – it’s just such an amazing service! Also, I’ve been there – struggling with tons of invoices, trying to keep track of them all, and having like 625492 different steps before the financial department could issue them – so I really saw the need for this service within Influencer Marketing. And how cool to be able to do it in the platform you’re using for all of your other Influencer Marketing aspects? That’s how we came up with the idea of partnering up with them, so our clients could also process influencer payouts.

7. What do you think of the partnership between Notolos and Gigapay?

I think it’s amazing! Together we’re offering a really cool solution that saves a ton of time and headache. Within Notolos, Gigapay’s customers get the only tool they need to succeed with their Influencer Marketing. With Gigapay, our customers can finally handle payments smoothly and are able to pay Influencers that don’t yet have their own company to invoice from.

8. How does Notolos benefit from this relationship?

We are able to offer our customers a solution to something that A LOT of in-house Influencer Marketing teams are struggling with – Influencer payments. We also get in contact with potential customers that we might not have been crossing paths with if it wasn’t for them being a Gigapay customer, which also goes the other way around. 

9. What kind of companies will benefit from the Gigapay/Notolos partnership?

All companies who are doing paid collaborations with Influencers need a smart, smooth, and time-effective way of handling the whole payment process. 

10. Anything else you would like to add?

Well, then I have to tell you about our amazing Summer offer: 2 for 1! That means you get two months for the price of 1 when signing up before August 31st. And you also get 2 hours of free consulting – almost too good to be true, right? 

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