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Say Hello to Andrea, Our New CCO.

We’re so excited to share that news that we have just hired a new star to head up our commercial efforts! It’s taken some time for us to find the right person to join us as CCO. As a team, we knew we wanted someone structured, driven, experienced, and who would challenge us on our Giga journey. For us, this person was definitely Andrea Neira.

It was quite serendipitous that I even met Andrea. A colleague from an old job had suggested that we meet for coffee, and as is often the case when you’re running around with your startup life, that coffee literally didn’t happen for months. Before we met, I wasn’t even thinking about her for CCO. For me, it was really just the chance to meet a fellow woman in Fintech, who was doing interesting things. However, learning about Andrea’s ambitions, achievements, and what she felt was important in a future company was truly music to my ears. Her wish to build something different, where people worked closely together and just made things happen, without the politics, resonated a lot with what we were trying to achieve. When I did a quick demo of Gigapay and could see how delighted she was with our solution, and the commercial possibilities of it, it pretty much sealed the deal that I wanted her on the team.

Of course, we operate in a democracy and it was super important that the guys felt the same way I did. Luckily everyone could see her fitting into the team, and more importantly bringing an additional skillset which we did not have. The CCO role is an incredibly important hire for us, so we took our time making sure that we made the right choice. That’s why we’re so ecstatic to share the news that she joins the team this week.

A bit more about Andrea – she holds a Degree in Law, which she obtained from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, from her native country of Spain. Andrea has spent the last ten years leading Commercial activities in Fintech and Media companies. Andrea’s work has lead her to building and leading teams in EMEA and South East Asia. Unrelated to her professional life, but utterly fascinating, she has a side project called My Shooting Journey, where she documents her experience of learning how to shoot clay pigeons. Don’t worry, no actual pigeons or any other animals are harmed 🙂 .

If you want to get in contact with Andrea, even if it’s just to welcome her to the Gigapay team, I suggest doing so via her email.