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Some Great News About Our CEO, Raiha Buchanan

Appointing a new CEO often triggers a chain reaction across different parts of a company’s business: suddenly shareholders, clients, business partners and the entire network, and everyone in general gets excited.

For us at Gigapay, this is something we went through recently with the appointment of Raiha Buchanan as our Executive Officer, and we just started getting external signs that her appointment was a great decision:

We are proud to announce our CEO has been nominated by Ledarna for Future Female Leaders 2020, one of the most prestigious rankings in Sweden which recognizes the most important female leaders.

We, at Gigapay like to be modest and we don’t usually talk about ourselves, but we believe that the recognition of Raiha’s work by the leading associations in the Nordics is a great way for us to reinforce our message that we have a strong team, ready to take over the salary payout industry.

Not only has Raiha won Inspiring Fifty in the Nordics, but also listed in the global top 200 profiles in Fintech– only 49 women made it to the list and Raiha was one of them.

Our team often describes Raiha as an “inspirational achiever” and “someone who makes you believe anything is possible. She can quickly spot a good opportunity and a great idea. With her experience from high-growth fintech companies, Gigapay is ready to scale quickly into new markets.”

Congratulations to Raiha and congratulations to us for having her at Gigapay!

The Gigapay Team.